How to Get What You Want: My Feature on The DIALOGUE Show

Dialogue Show Feature

Have you ever had a friend who just had an awesome spirit?

Someone who is incredibly passionate about what they do and has that “light” inside of them that makes you want to be near them?

Jessica Chinyelu is definitely one of those friends for me. Not only is she just an all-around inspiring person, she is the founder of Woman of Purpose, a ministry and annual conference designed to empower women to pursue their God-given dreams.

As if that weren’t enough, Jessica also produces DIALOGUE, a webshow where Jessica “dialogues” with inspiring women of God who have powerful messages to share.

I’ve followed her series for months now, so when she asked me to join her on DIALOGUE you know I immediately said yes!

behind the scenes dialogue show

On this episode, Jessica asked me about my story, how I started Think & Grow Chick, and what inspired me to write my book, Get What You Want. If you’ve ever wondered how I started and where all this came from, click below to watch the episode:

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How to Stop Being a Victim of Your Circumstances (PODCAST + VIDEO)


Do you sometimes feel like a prisoner of your own life? Do you find yourself constantly think about what you would do if you didn’t “have to” do X, Y, and Z?

This past week, I found myself slipping into a victim mentality based on some unexpected things happening in my work life. Because I realize I’m always preaching AGAINST victimhood mentality, I decided to take my own advice!

Check out the podcast/vlog or the typed summary below to hear what happened and more importantly, how YOU, right this moment, can start taking control of your life:

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[PODCAST] How to Get Ahead By Using Your Gifts


The other day, I posted the quote, “There’s enough room for every woman to win” on Instagram and I was surprised by the response. While we all know intellectually that one woman’s gain isn’t necessarily another woman’s loss, I think we all can relate looking at the success of another and uncontrollably feeling like we’re on the losing end.

Have you ever felt pressure from what another woman was doing?

Maybe you see her online and she seems to be killing it with her brand

Or maybe you work with her and she seems to be making moves more than anyone else in the company

Either way, you start to feel equal parts discouragement and pressure, like somehow you aren’t good enough and you need to start doing the things she’s doing.

Before you know it you’re studying her, trying to mimic her moves so you can get her results.

When she does something you don’t understand, you get frustrated and frantic, wondering how you’ll be able to do the same thing to the same effect.

It’s not long before you find yourself deeper in discouragement, asking yourself (1) what does she have that you don’t and (2) if you’ll ever be able to keep up.

Isn’t it amazing how simple admiration can quickly deteriorate into a vicious cycle of comparison and competition?

A cycle where you’re breathlessly looking for that magic “formula”, for someone to just TELL YOU what you need to do in order to be successful?

While I’ve definitely found myself on that treadmill a time or two (or six), what I now know more than ever is every woman has a gift.

And the successful women – the ones we all admire, who have legions of women trying to imitate them – don’t have some “magic formula” they’re hiding from the rest of us. Instead, they routinely do what a lot of women are afraid to do: use their gifts to create their success.

In today’s podcast, I share how to get out of the comparison cycle for good and why using your gifts is a MUST for finding success:

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Got Systems? How to Hustle Hard Without Giving Up Your Life


“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

That saying NEVER made sense to me.

I can’t have my cake and eat it too? Seriously? Then why did I bake a cake in the first place?!?!? What’s the point of even having cake if you aren’t going to eat it?

Well a few weeks ago, I found myself face to face with this question, though it wasn’t about cake.

It was about “the hustle.” You know, “the grind.” Chasing your dreams. Making moves.

Can a girl go after her dream life…and still have a life too?

Meaning…can you work extra hard for what you want, putting in long hours, grinding it out…yet still enjoy your life too?

Or do you just need to be okay with being stressed out, worn out, and overwhelmed until your stuff jumps off?

The Struggle for Balance

First, let me say that I DON’T have it all together. I’ve gotten a lot better than how I used to be when it comes to staying organized and beating procrastination (though I definitely procrastinated on writing this article this morning…oops) but I still slip up and have to find new ways to manage.

One of the big things I’ve been dealing with lately is actually having a life outside of my hustle. Or…hmm, I think a better way to put it is Having a Life That Doesn’t Fall Apart While I’m Out Here in These Streets Trying to be Successful. (Side note: I always crack up when people say “in these streets.” Just where are “these streets” exactly…? What ‘hood is everyone referring to?)

Having a life that doesn’t fall apart. It’s like, yeah, I want Think & Grow to blow up and yeah I have all these projects I’m working on…but I also want a clean house. I want to have enough time to do my hair and paint my nails. I want to talk to my friends on the phone. I want to go thrift shopping! You know, do things that make me feel like me. But up until very recently, I was increasingly feeling like I would never have time do any of that.

In fact, this all came to a head the other day. I came home, put my bag down, looked around and literally said out loud “I’m tired of living like this!” And by “this” I meant: [Read more…]

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B-Side Mastermind: Monthly Meeting #15 (May)

b-side meetingHello and welcome to The B-Side, a mastermind group for entrepreneurial women! On the first of each month, I share my business-related goals, challenges, and triumphs while inviting you to do the same! I’d love for you to join me; you can learn more about participating by clicking here.

And just like that, April is gone! This year is moving by SO fast. I can’t believe it’s almost summer – I feel like I was JUST setting my New Year’s goals. Have you been making progress on your business since the beginning of the year? Here’s how it’s been for me:

Last Month’s Results

  1. Update/Create my About & Products/Services Pages. Okay, this is getting kind of embarrassing. This is what, the third month I’ve straight up just NOT done this??? It’s not even like I started working on this but couldn’t finish in time – I literally just didn’t do it. So what gives? Honestly, I don’t know. But to be real, I think I’m dragging my feet on this because it’s turning out not to be a high priority. I know I need to do this because it’s kind of ridiculous not to have your products and services listed on your website but the truth is…I’ve been doing surprisingly well sales-wise even without a product page! People are buying right when I launch a product or they’re contacting me directly for coaching. Plus, my focus has been on developing a strong collection of products and services so subconsciously, I think I’ve put off creating the products page because I want to finish creating all of my products first. Anyway, it’s still an excuse and I’m not even sure it’s a rational one but that’s why I think I’ve failed to do this for so long. So…until I can really commit to this, I’m just going to go with my gut and focus on building out my product line before beating myself up about not having a products page.
  2. Finish and launch my new audio training course. This I didn’t do because I ended up moving faster on my blog training program (below) than I expected. My goal last month was to only plan out the blog training program then launch my audio course. I ended up doing the opposite by planning AND launching the blog training program, which ended up working well! I share the details below:
  3. Plan out a blog training program. This was successful! I’ve wanted to offer a blogging training product for a while now so I’m happy I finally got it out there. I was spurred on to do this after the response Natasha and I received from our Idea to Income webinar. During that webinar, I shared a story about how I realized that if I wanted to succeed in business, I needed to change my mindset from a “blogger” to a business woman. That quote kinda caught on, so I based my program around my own transition and titled it the Blogger 2 Business Woman program. I announced this program to my newsletter subscribers only, since this was the first time I was offering a program like this (another good reason to sign-up for my email newsletter if you haven’t already!) and the response was great! I hit my goal for sign-ups so I am very pleased. Because I hit my sign-up goal, the program is closed for now but based on the feedback I receive after this first go-round, I will definitely be running it again. So stay tuned!

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