How to Go From Blogger to Business Woman: My BRANDMAKERS interview with Rana Campbell

blogger to business woman interview

“I’m not a blogger, I’m a business woman.”

Ever since I shared that epiphany during the Idea to Income webinar I recently hosted, it’s really caught on! I didn’t realize how many other female bloggers would be interested in making the same mental shift, but apparently, many of you are.

People are so interested, in fact, that branding maven, Rana Campbell, recently interviewed me on this topic exactly. If you’ve ever wondered how I started my blog, grew it into a brand, and recently pivoted it into a business, you’ll definitely want to check out this interview! Check out the snippet below:

What inspired you to start Think and Grow Chick?

As the name suggests, it had a lot to do with that famous book Think and Grow Rich. I came across the book at a time where a lot of things were going wrong in my life. I was borderline failing out of school, in credit card debt, and all this craziness. I wanted to get out but I wasn’t sure how.

I attended a  Women’s Entrepreneurship conference and there was a life coach there who was hosting a session and she kept raving about this book Think and Grow Rich. I went home and read it. It was the first time I was ever exposed to the goal setting process. I had always been ambitious and I knew that there were things I wanted to do, but I didn’t realize that you have to make a plan and then determine what sacrifices you’re going to make and chart it out in order to get there. I just thought that you want to do something and you try to figure out a way to do it and it just happens. The book opened my eyes to  the power of goal setting.

There were a lot of things I needed to get together in my life. I still had wanted to start a business and get that going. I said why I don’t I just become the Think And Grow Chick and I’ll  create a blog and hopefully I will get a few readers and they can hold me accountable. It was just supposed to be a diary of me just talking about my journey to accomplishing these goals and I made it public as a way to just accountable. I didn’t know it would turn into what it is now.

What were the early days of Think and Grow Chick like?

My  major goal was  trying to get out of credit card debt and get squared away with school. I was also very much into natural hair and that was a goal. The business was a goal. Getting back in shape was a goal. The original blog was just a hodge podge of different things I was learning and found interesting. I would post about natural hair along with the finance and entrepreneurial posts. I would get so many emails asking me questions about natural hair so there was a period of time where I tended to focus more on the natural hair just because it was what people were asking me for. It was never my intention with Think and Grow Chick for it to be a natural hair blog.

After about three years into it when I had a really dry spell where I just felt uninspired and I couldn’t figure out why. I admitted to myself I had gotten too far away from what the original mission of the blog was.

I was doing what was popular and what was getting me hits but that wasn’t what I wanted my work online to be.

I was doing what was popular and what was getting me hits but that wasn’t what I wanted my work online to be.

I didn’t want it to be about hair. I wanted it to be about personal growth. Towards the end of 2013 after I had graduated and was finally in a place where I could focus on  doing the blog.  I had more free time and I said I really want to pour back into Think and Grow Chick but this time I am going to shift away from the natural hair stuff and just focus on the original mission: Personal growth, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

Think and Grow Chick Founder Courtney Sanders shares how she's growing her online business

What kind of challenges did you face early on building your blog?

When I first started the blog it was just me doing whatever I wanted to do and what made sense to me at the time.There’s so much information online about  how to have a successful blog. I really struggled with trying  to learn best  practices and principles that I should apply to make my blog grow but then still not lose my voice and what I felt made Think and Grow Chick unique.

Visit Rana’s blog at to check out the rest of the post!

P.S. – Because this “blogger to business woman” concept has really caught on, I thought it would be cool to create more resources to help you make the “pivot” too.

Now before you can make the transition from blogger to business woman, you first have to make the switch from blog to brand. This is something I focused on really hard in 2014 and it’s what I believe allowed me to grow my business this year.

If you have a blog that’s kinda struggling – it’s not getting the readership and attention you were hoping for – I invite you to join me on my free Blog Branding call next Tuesday!

blog branding flyer - no link

During the call, I’m going to share:

  • Common mistakes newbie bloggers/online brand builders make
  • How new and intermediate bloggers often have the wrong focus and what they should be focusing on instead
  • How most bloggers misunderstand “Content is King” and why it’s costing them their readership
  • How to never run out of blog post ideas
  • 3 simple tricks to make the blog post writing process faster and easier
  • Free & cheap tweaks to make your online brand look more professional
  • The difference between WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix, and which one you should go with
  • How to keep you brand cohesive on social media
  • What it takes to grow your audience
  • The real reason why most bloggers don’t make money

and a lot more! I’ll also be taking questions from participants at the end.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while because I get asked these questions all the time. If you’re a blogger ready to grow your brand so that you can one day make the shift to business woman, join me on the call next Tuesday! Just click the button below to sign up:

sign up button

Even if you can’t make the call, you should still sign-up because I’ll be sending out a replay. Sign-up here:

Talk to Me:

Are you interested in making the shift from “blogger” to business woman? What have been your biggest challenges in making the shift? Leave a comment and let me know!

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[PODCAST] 5 Money Mindset Shifts to Help You Step Your Financial Game Up


If it’s one thing I’ve learned since starting my journey to personal development, it’s that success in all areas of life truly starts in the mind.

What you think about health determines how healthy are.

What you think about your career will determine how far you go.

And likewise…what you think about money determines who much you’ll have. And whether or not you can keep what you have. Let that sink in…

Over the past two months or so, I’ve been focusing on money a lot. As I enter a new financial season in my life – I just bought a house and I’m growing my business – I’ve had a deep desire to make sure I understand money better and make sure I’m doing the right things.

Since I’m on this new kick, I’ve been reading and re-reading several books on money (The Richest Man in Babylon, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and Secrets of Six Figure Women, to be exact…) as well as studying others who are successful with money. All of this time spent “pondering” my relationship with money and what it takes to be a financially successful person has caused me to have several money mindset shifts that I believe will help me “step my financial game up” going forward.

In today’s podcast, I share what these 5 money mindset shifts are – hopefully they’ll help you step your financial game up to! Listen below:

[Read more…]

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16 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Business

16 things I wish I knew about business

Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

For instance, in hindsight…I probably wouldn’t have taken out 3 credit cards my sophomore year in college as a way to “build my credit”. Since I ended up doing the exact opposite – messing up my credit – by quickly maxing them out (carry-out Thai and expensive shoes were my weakness), what started as an attempt to build my credit ended up taking my 3 years to repair. So much for good intentions.

And since we’re on the subject of my college escapades (is that not where it always starts???), in hindsight, I probably would have taken my happy camper butt to class (my Dad’s favorite expression) instead of galavanting all over the city, trying to meet with “investors” to start my business.

Actually, let’s talk about my first business. I’ve mentioned this before, but my first attempt at entering the world of entrepreneurship (not counting my 6 month stint as an “Avon Lady” in high school…) was with my natural hair care line, Material Gurl Beauty. (I was too cool to spell “girl” the normal way.)

That business failed a year after I started it but looking back, I totally can see why. Now that I’m older (I was 19 when I started that business) and a little wiser (I like to think!), looking back I can see pretty much everything I did wrong that ultimately made that business fail.

Since I’m committed to making this business succeed (you didn’t know Think & Grow Chick was a business? ;-) ), I’m making sure I won’t make any of my old mistakes again. (New mistakes, however, are fair game…).

So just what went wrong with my previous business attempts? The list is endless but just to get started, here’s 16 things I wish I knew before starting my business:

[Read more…]

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B-Side Mastermind: Monthly Meeting #14 (April)

b-side meetingHello and welcome to The B-Side, a mastermind group for entrepreneurial women! On the first of each month, I share my business-related goals, challenges, and triumphs while inviting you to do the same! I’d love for you to join me; you can learn more about participating by clicking here.

Can you believe the first quarter of 2015 is OVER?!?! Just like that. I feel like we were JUST talking about our new year’s goals and now the first 3 months of the year are gone. Time truly flies when you’re having fun :-). Here’s how March went for me and what I have planned this month :

Last Month’s Results

  1. Update/Create my About & Products/Services Pages (Business Foundation). Not even close. I didn’t even touch this unfortunately. Launching the digital version of my workshop pretty much took all my time (more details below). This will be a repeat goal for April because I seriously get me “Work With Me” pages done.
  2. Launch my “Launch Your Life” workshop online. I failed at the first goal but at least I nailed this one! Natasha (Go and Glow Project) and I ended up promoting our Launch Your Life Masterclass ( by holding a free webinar first. The webinar was called Idea to Income: The Art of Profiting from Your Passion and I am ASTOUNDED at how well it went. Seriously. We put a lot into it but I still didn’t think it would be as well received as it was. We had just under 500 women sign up for the webinar and received wonderful feedback from everyone who participated. Because we did a good job giving everyone a ton of free value via the free webinar, a lot of women took us up on our offer for the paid Launch Your Life Masterclass. Overall, Natasha and I were really excited about the amount of sales we made on Launch Your Life, but honestly, I’m still on a high from the free webinar! It was so much fun and I’m just really, really, happy that those who participated got so much out of it. I think I’m officially in love with webinars now. :-) Expect to see more in the future!
  3. Launch my new audio training course. Again, all the prep work for the Idea to Income webinar and the Launch Your Life Masterclass totally took over, so I was not able to launch this like I wanted to. I did fully outline the course though, so I’m moving this goal to April.

[Read more…]

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Rich Chick: 10 Ways to Invest in Yourself as a Woman

invest in yourselfGet your hair and nails done.

Go to the spa.

Buy some cute new clothes.

Go to brunch with your girls.

Take a weekend getaway.

All of the above are pretty much the standard things you think of when it comes to self-care as a woman. Or at least, the above activities are the most common stress relievers women run to when we want a quick way to feel better about ourselves or our situation.

While the above are certainly important (I just got a gel manicure last week. Love it!) at the end of the day, they’re only temporary fixes. Self-care that lasts permanently is going to take something a little more enduring.

True self-care as a woman takes investment.

Investing, Defined

I first learned about investing when I was 15 or 16 years old. My mom had read an article in a magazine that showed that if a 16 year old worked every summer until they were 21, managing to save a few thousand per year, they could invest it, never touch it or add to it again, and still earn $1,000,000 by the time they were retirement age. Fascinated by the article (my mom has always been savvy with money) she clipped it out and gave it to me.

The power of investing really intrigued me, so after reading the article I went to the bookstore and bought my first book about money, The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens.

I devoured the book and was blown away by it’s principles. Up until that point, I thought all rich people were rich because they hit it big on some million dollar idea. Though there are certainly many wealthy people who did just that, I was surprised to learn that many people were wealthy because they chose to invest a relatively small amount over and over again until it snowballed into something much larger.

The dictionary defines investing as:

1. “To expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result.”
2. “Devote (one’s time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.”

The key criteria in both definition is that (1) you take a resource (time, money, effort, energy, etc) and you (2) put it in some sort of vehicle with the expectation that (3) as a result, you will get out more than you put in.

While getting your hair and nails done, going to brunch, or buying cute clothes certainly have their place in a woman’s life, the reason why those activities don’t provide lasting self-improvement is because they aren’t vehicles design to give you more than what you put in. You can spend a lot of money going on spa and weekend trips but outside of the fun you experience in the moment, you aren’t likely to receive a last return for your efforts.

How to Invest in Yourself

So what’s a woman to do if she wants to permanently feel better about herself and her situation…you know, live a “rich” life?

I say, in addition to all your self-care activities (no, you don’t have to give them up!) make sure you’re investing in yourself as a woman. Investing in yourself means you are regularly putting your resources into things that will give you a return on your investment. From what I’ve experienced in my own life and what I’ve observed from other successful women, here are 10 ways you can invest in yourself and improve your situation for good: [Read more…]

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