B-Side Mastermind: Monthly Meeting #13 (March)

b-side meetingHello and welcome to The B-Side, a mastermind group for entrepreneurial women! On the first of each month, I share my business-related goals, challenges, and triumphs while inviting you to do the same! I’d love for you to join me; you can learn more about participating by clicking here.

I am SO glad it’s March! Definitely ready for some warmer weather. :-) As we move into the last month of the 1st quarter of 2015, here’s how I did in February :

Last Month’s Results

  1. Get my business “foundation” in place. I did not totally finish getting my business foundation in place because this was (is?) a way bigger project than I anticipated. I will definitely be working on this all through March, possibly through April as well. If you haven’t checked out my last B-Side post, I stated that I wanted to get some “foundational” things in place to move my business forward. Thing like – completing my “work with me” and product pages, updating my LinkedIn profile, getting my email marketing system in place, opening a new bank account in the name of my LLC, etc. In February, I did a good job setting up my email marketing system (side note: if you have any kind of business online, having an engaged email list and an email strategy is crucial for you business. I’m kind of mad it took me this long to learn that but I digress…) and re-writing my bio but that’s pretty much all I got to. Next month I want to make greater progress in getting my “foundation” items in place.
  2. Create and follow an editorial calendar for my newsletter. I did really good with this goal last month! Many of my subscribers are telling me they are enjoying my regular emails. I even relaunched my #NoExcusesChallenge for March, which is an email challenge for my readers. Maintaining regular email newsletters for my list is something I will definitely continue next month.
  3. Post everyday (or nearly everyday) on Instagram. This was a complete fail. I did post more on instagram but definitely not everyday. Honestly, I set this goal because I thought it would be great for marketing (and it is) but I abandoned it early on in the month because I focused my attention to another marketing strategy, which I’ll talk about under “what went well” below…

[Read more…]

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Build Your Self-Discipline This Spring with #NoExcusesMarch


***PLEASE NOTE: The challenge is now closed! If you would like to join the waitlist for the next time I run this challenge, please read through the post and click the “sign-up here” buttons to have your name put on the list.***

Remember the free, 21-day self-discipline challenge I ran at the beginning of the year called “#NoExcusesJanuary”?

Well if you missed it the first time around, you’ll be happy to know that I’m bringing it back for March! Yup, #NoExcusesMarch is almost here!

Why I Created This Challenge

I first came up with the idea for a “No Excuses” challenge after seeing so many people excited about their goals for the New Year. I was really excited for the New Year too, but I knew (from personal experience) that that excitement wouldn’t last past February for most people.

It’s a sad reality but over 80% of people fall off from their New Years goals by Valentine’s Day. And the reason why is this:

Most people haven’t built the self-discipline necessary to keep going when the excitement wears off and times get tough.

So, with that in mind, I created #NoExcusesJanuary as a little 21-day “push” to help all my Think & Grow Chicks (that’s you!) build the self-discipline needed to finish the year strong.

What Past Participants Have to Say

I knew the challenge would be helpful but, to be honest, I wasn’t sure how helpful. Creating the challenge was a bit of an experiment for me – I wasn’t sure how it would turn out!

Well, imagine my surprise when #NoExcusesJanuary got phenomenal feedback! Women who went through the challenge were saying #NoExcusesJanuary was just what they need to get back on track with their lives. Here’s what just some of the past participants had to say:

“It gave me a concrete way to begin practicing self-discipline. I have long acknowledged that self-discipline was something I needed to improve but I didn’t really know how. #NoExcusesJanuary gave me the “how”. What was really helpful was acknowledging the excuses that I made. Putting those out in the open helped me combat them when they arose. The motivational check-ins were helpful as well. Especially the one centering around “What do you want?” That has kept me going to keep asking myself what I want most and why I’m even doing this in the first place.” – L. Talley

“No Excuse January was the best gift ever to have made my year productive. I was able to stick to my regimen with your help and daily reminder via email. I never knew that I could pull through yet I did and haven’t stopped No Excuse regimen. Though it over, am still engaging in the exercise. It made we realise that we as human being possess in us the power to kick out negative, bad habit if we just make the decision to try.” – B. Olalere

“I was absolutely delighted to be a part of your NoExcuses challenge. It was just what I needed to kick off the new year and keep realistic resolutions that I can follow throughout the year. For a long time I have had trouble with remembering to be grateful and so I decided to keep a thankful journal but I never had time to do so. #NoExcuses helped to take a couple of minutes every morning and write in my thankful journal! Now it’s a habit I can’t really drop and I’m so happy!” Anya S.

If you didn’t get a chance to go through the challenge the first time (or even if you did but you want to go through it again) you can sign up for #NoExcusesMarch now! Just click the button below: Registration for the #NoExcusesChallenge is now closed. Click the button below to join the waitlist. [Read more…]

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[PODCAST] The Truth About Finding Your Passion (Or at least how I found mine…)

find your passion

“I don’t know what I want to do with my life…”

“I feel like I’m just ‘going through the motions’ in life…”

“I just feel really stuck right now…I haven’t grown in years…”

“I’m not really passionate about anything. I don’t even know if I have a passion…”

“I don’t want to stay in this place forever but…I have no idea what to do.”

The above are paraphrases from several emails, phone calls, and in-person chats I’ve had with readers and friends who feel “stuck” in life and don’t know what their passion is.

I don’t know if I said something recently that has struck a chord with folks but the number of people coming to me for advice on this, all at once, has been kind of crazy.

If you see yourself in any of the statements listed above, today I have a podcast for you to help you find your passion: [Read more…]

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How to Beat Procrastination and Get Back on Track ( + Free Printable Worksheet)

beat procrastination

I still procrastinate.

(Now that we got that out the way…)

I’ve gotten way better at beating it, but of course, I’m not perfect. There are still some (several?) tasks I find myself dragging on. I found myself procrastinating majorly this weekend as I prepared for my big move.

Firstly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t procrastinate when it comes to moving. (Or when it comes to texting back your friend who asked you to help them move…)

While I would have given myself a pass were this just any ol’ move, you would have thought I’d be more excited since…this move was into my first house!

Sidenote: Yes, ya girl is officially a homeowner!

One would think I would have had no problem packing, given the circumstances. I’ve been dying to get out of my cramped apartment for forever and my new house has a guest room with a huge window that I’ve already claimed as Think & Grow Headquarters. (Spacious, light-filled home office? Oh yes!)

Even with all these amazing perks awaiting me at my new address, I couldn’t bring myself to put the cap back on the toothpaste, let alone pack up the whole house.

That’s the frustrating part about procrastination, no?

Strangely, that which we want the most tends to be that which we procrastinate the most on.

Which, of course, has the power to lead us into a dangerous cycle.

We start to wonder if we really even want this.

If we’re kidding ourselves.

If we have what it takes.

Out of everything I’ve ever procrastinated on, dragging my feet on my move wasn’t the biggest deal because (1) I had to be out of my apartment by a certain day and (2) my husband did most of the packing anyway (hehe…) so I knew I was it was going to get done.

That said, there are some things that I’ve procrastinate on that totally wrecked my self-confidence because I found myself spiraling down that cycle listed above.

The more and more I stalled on something I knew I really wanted, the more I started to doubt myself. I mean, how can you say you want something yet continuously put it off, right??? For years, that question used to haunt me.

Why You Procrastinate

If that question is haunting you too, take heart m’dear. If you know you want something really bad but your consistent procrastination has you thinking maybe you don’t want it at all, hear this: [Read more…]

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[PODCAST] Why You Should Start Now (Even If You “Don’t Know How”)

start now


When combined, I’m convinced these are the five deadliest words in the English language.


Because they’ve probably killed more dreams than any other phrase known to man.

“But I don’t know how.”

Notice the “but”. That means this phrase is generally used as a rebuttal to a suggestion, thought, or idea the phrase bearer could act on but is choosing not to.

*Sigh*. Let’s talk about this concept of “I don’t know how.” If we’re being real, “I don’t know how” is NOT a valid reason to NOT go after your dreams. Honestly, it’s just an excuse. The thing that action takers know but women who stall don’t realize is that the “how” will only come after you get started. Still not following me? Check out today’s podcast where I explain: [Read more…]

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