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Is the year going by fast, or what? It is March, y’all, March. That means we are three months into the year. “What the heck is going on?!” I hope this will be the kick in the pants you need to remember the year is not over yet, and you still have time to work on your goals!


We know that 8 out of 10 people who wrote down their goals back in January have already forgotten about them. They’ve either fallen off, or they’re just not taking them seriously.  But, I expect that that’s not you, because you are a Think and Grow Chick or a Think and Grow Bro ( I have to put that in there because more men have been tuning in to the things I’m doing as well! )


I want to recommend one of my best practices that will really help you achieve your goals, and stick with it. Today’s podcast is “The 5 Letter Word That’ll Change Your Life If You Actually Use It”. Ooh, tantalizing, right? It’s actually something that I’ve been strictly applying to my life. It’s something that I’ve been doing since day one of my journey to success. You know my story, and how everything hit the fan.


It wasn’t until recently that I really decided to get back to the basics, because I wanted to go to another level in my personal and business life. Every time I achieve something, I’m not satisfied with it. I’m happy for a while, and then I think of going to the next level. So, what do I need to do to get to the next level?


Five letters. Yes, a five- letter word.


You want to know what that 5 letter word is ?


Okay, here it is. The 5 letter word that will change your life if you actually use it is called, “audit”.  Yes, audit, a-u-d-i-t. When I say it will change your life, it’s not like if the IRS audits you, it’s going to change your life. Audit yourself, and practice what I call radical self-audits and radical self-adjustments. That’s exactly what I have been doing. The results have been completely mind-blowing.


What got me interested in this has to do with marriage. I don’t really talk about relationships here, although some people are asking me to, I just feel I am not qualified for that subject matter.  I’ve been married a little over three years now, but I have been practicing radical self-audits.  It’s amazing how I, just focusing on myself,  improved our relationship. I am in a newly-wed group with my church, and I meet up with the ladies, and we talk about our frustrations like, “Oh my goodness, he keeps doing this. He keeps doing that or whatever.”


It has been frustrating in the beginning of our marriage because I felt like he was doing things that I didn’t want him to do or wasn’t listening to me or whatever. I felt like he was the problem and that he needed to change. But when I started practicing radical self-audits and started focusing on how I can improve, it’s truly miraculous how the “temperature” of our relationship changed, and he started to change along with it.


I didn’t bring that up to give marriage advice, but to show the power of self-audit. Self-audits are powerful because by self-auditing and adjusting your behavior based on what you notice within yourself, has the power to radically and drastically change your external environment, even in situations and places you have no control over.


The results you can create just by simply having control over yourself are surprising. This does not have to be limited to marriage or romantic relationships, but also applies to your relationships with friends, relationships with your boss, etc, etc.


Again, you don’t have control over other people. It’s not so much that they will always change, but you’d be surprised.  People will change because people, in general, tend not to be really intentional about their behavior.


People aren’t really intentional about their actions and the things that they allow into their horizon. Straight up, people are influenced by their environment so marketing, advertisements and the media can make people feel that they have to buy certain things or get riled up about news stories that they chose to believe. Most people don’t even realize it, but we are all being influenced.


The one person who has self- mastery and control over themselves because they’re constantly auditing their behavior, can in very subtle ways, influence the behaviors of others simply because they are cognizant and intentional where other people aren’t. Others are just absorbing or picking up things that are happening in their environment, without even realizing it.


Think about this: if a self-audit has power in environments that you don’t have control over, how much more powerful can that self-audit be in environments where you control everything? Maybe you have a goal of saving a certain amount of money, but finances have been a challenge for you because you feel like you have never been that great of a saver. This would be a situation that you have 100% control over.


No one tells you how to spend your money or time. I know a lot of people have dreams of starting their own businesses and starting their side hustle when they get off work. But they end up sprawled out on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and fall asleep early watching TV. That’s something you have 100% control over. You are in control of how you spend your time on what you do when you get off from work.


Again, if a self-audit is powerful in environments that are beyond your control, how much more powerful are they in situations and environments that you actually have 100% control over, like your time and your money. That’s why I am so excited at this concept and have been doing it for myself for everything, including my relationships, business and different things that I do in my everyday life. People get so emotional over their results, that’s why they just quit and give up.  If you practice this, it will teach you to manage your emotions, how to get out of your own head, and just do what must be done in order to take action to achieve those results.


Listen to the podcast here.




Notes from the Podcast


Listening to the podcast will teach you how to do a radical self-audit, and it’s really very easy:


How to Do Self-Audits


1.Focus on the one goal that would make the biggest impact for you right now.


You need to focus on the one thing that you really, really want to change first.  You may have a lot of different goals but maybe, just maybe, if you could get your finances in order, or have a goal of not getting into debt anymore, you wouldn’t even have to worry about that other goal.


In terms of self-auditing, because we want to create a domino effect in our life, focus on what’s going to have the biggest impact.  


2. Identify the one thing that would give you the results that you’re looking for or the one thing that’s holding you back.


Going back to that finance example, if you’ve been struggling for a while saving money, and you’ve determined that saving money could be the one thing that would create positive changes in your life, you need to ask yourself: “What is the one activity or the one thing that I’m doing that is keeping me from achieving this result?”


It might be that you say yes every time your friends want to go somewhere. It might be that your car or your rent is too expensive – you never have money left at the end of the month. Maybe you have a really bad habit of letting your friends and family borrow money.


Whatever it is, you need to identify what is the one thing that is keeping you from achieving the results that you are working toward. 


3.Do a self-audit.


You need to audit. Pretend that you are a “private eye” and you have been hired to spy on someone. That someone is you. This is where you need to take the emotion out of your situation. Look at everything that you do, not from an emotional place, but from the outside looking in. Many times we catch ourselves doing something that we don’t really want to do but do anyway just out of excitement.  We’re like “Oh my goodness, I did it again. I told myself I wasn’t going to overspend on shopping and I spent $300 that I didn’t plan for on some really cute sweaters and boots.”


A private eye won’t get emotional about the person they are tailing, so you need to do the same. You need to step outside of yourself and be unemotional on how you document what you’re doing. Don’t beat yourself up. Just say, “All right. Yesterday, I spent $300 that I didn’t plan for out shopping.”


Again, investigate. Ask yourself why you did that. Did you get excited about the sale? Did someone invite you somewhere? Did you start to feel conscious about your clothes that you felt it was necessary to shop? Whatever it is, get to the root. Write this down. I am a big believer in journaling. You can keep a journal with you regularly and you jot notes down throughout the day.

Journaling helps you keep track of yourself so you can catch yourself doing things that stop you from getting to where you want to go in life. Once you are doing regular self-audits, it keeps you aware of what keeps pulling you away from your goals.


4. Make those radical self-adjustments.


This is very simple. Just focus on the one adjustment you can make.  In my Success Circle which is a membership program that I have for women who want to do more in-depth one-on-one coaching with me (we just finished our first month!), one Success Circle Sister was asking about the concept of self-auditing. She had difficulty waking up in the morning and she had a goal of getting up at 6:00 am or 5:30 am and it was a problem.  We talked about the issue and discovered that even though the alarm went off, she would hit the snooze button and before she even realize she was doing it. Before she knew it, she had completely overslept.


A simple solution I suggested was to move the alarm clock (which is her phone) and plug it into a charger across the room. Or put it somewhere like the bathroom where she would have to get up in order to turn it off.  Doing something like this is very simple, but it’s also a radical self-adjustment.  Notice the two words there. Well, that’s three words really, but there’s self-adjustment and then there’s radical self-adjustment.


The self-adjustment was doing something different than what you’re currently doing in order to get a new result. If you currently have your phone by the bed and you’re oversleeping because you are turning it off in your sleep, then a self-adjustment would be to do something different.


That’s a self-adjustment part, but then the radical part means, it needs to be something a little more drastic than the level that you’re currently doing. Setting an alarm is one level, but then there’s having automated lights or putting a Post-it note on top of your alarm and then moving it into the bathroom or maybe plugging it up and putting it in the sink so that it vibrates and makes a louder noise. Think of these dramatic things that you can do that are more radical that’ll force you to make the adjustment that you’re looking for.


That is a radical self-adjustment!


We don’t give ourselves credit for how much power we actually have over our own lives. The things that are happening aren’t just things that “happen” to us. I will say this, and some people think that it’s controversial even though it’s not, but all the results that you are getting in your life right now, you create them. It is something that you do. It is based on some action that you have consistently been taking that is leading you to the results you’re getting.


The only way to get to the bottom of it is to perform a radical self-audit and then make a radical self-adjustment. It sounds very simple, but if you do it consistently day in and day out, it’s very powerful.


So focus on the one thing, the one goal that would make the biggest difference. With that one goal, focus on the one activity that will make the biggest difference. You want to focus on one thing at a time so that you can actually master it. Once you’ve made the radical self-adjustment and are doing it consistently, then you ask yourself “what is the next thing that keeps me from getting to my goal?” and keep doing self-audits. If you continue doing this, you will look up 60 days from now or 90 days from now and your life will be totally different.
Audit. That’s the 5 letter word that will change your life.