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I’ve heard it said that entrepreneurship is the greatest personal development course in the world and I 1000% agree. What most don’t realize is that it is also the greatest money mindset course in the world – how you view money has a profound effect on whether or not you’ll be able to generate more of it in your business.

As my business has continued to grow and my monthly income reports have gotten more popular, I’ve received an increasing number of requests to share “my secret” when it comes to growing your brand and turning your passion into a profitable business online. While there’s definitely a method to my madness (click here if you want me to tell you what it is ;-)) the real secret is in my mindset.

Over the last 18 months, I’m astounded at how much my mindset has changed when it comes to money. On this entrepreneurial journey, I repeatedly find myself discovering that many of the money beliefs I’ve had my entire life were actually just myths. Only after letting go of these myths have things really begun to take off.

Because I feel it’s be silly to continue to answer questions about business and budgeting strategies without first addressing the mindset required to make those strategies work, today I bring you a brand new podcast all about my money story and the 5 money myths I’ve had to let go of:


The 5 Money Myths I No Longer Believe are:

  1. Your employer is responsible for your income
  2. Money is hard to come by
  3. Cutting back is the end-all-be-all
  4. The cheaper, the better
  5. You have to be “rich” before you can be wealthy

You’ll have to listen to the podcast to get the low-down on each one of these money myths! Also, sponsor Credit Karma asked me to put together a video sharing my money story; you can hear more about my journey out of credit card debt and into financial responsibility below:

Lastly, at the end of the podcast, I mentioned that Millennial Finance Expert, Dominique Broadway, and I are coming to a city near you for our Your Wealthy Year workshop!

YWY_sm_images_ver3 copy

I did this workshop with Dominique back in January and it was so popular that we sold out! Because we’ve been getting a lot of request to do an event in person, we’re coming to Atlanta, DC, and New York! Here’s how you can join us in each city:

Your Wealthy Year General Admission Ticket – $50 (price goes up to $75 after Friday, June 3):

  • Learn how to pay off debt and make other “major financial moves” (as Dominique talked about in the webinar!) so you’re not held back when you’re ready to leave your job
  • Find out how you can begin investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and your own business right now, with your current level of income
  • Discover the art of creating multiple streams of income, even if you’re just starting out, and how to use them rapidly grow your business and personal finances so you can leave your job faster!
  • Eliminate financial and entrepreneurial self-sabotage by learning how to change your money mindset for good!
  • PLUS: Network with other ambitious, entrepreneurial go-getters over cocktails and tasty hors d’oeuvres!

>>>>>>> Click here to join us in Atlanta on June 10 <<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Click here to join us in DC on June 17 <<<<<<<

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Private Mentorship Dinner + Your Wealthy Year General Admission Ticket – $175 (only 10 spots available in each city!):

  • Get everything from the regular Your Wealthy Year general admission ticket, AND:
  • Attend a private, upscale, intimate mentorship dinner with me and Dominique
  • Get personal coaching and mentorship for your unique business and financial situation (all while enjoying delicious food!)
  • Receive tailored insight on how to prepare your finances and business so you can bounce!
  • Find your next local, accountability partner by connecting with the other ambitious individuals in attendance

>>>>>>> Click here to join us in Atlanta on June 10 <<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Click here to join us in DC on June 17 <<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Click here to sign-up for the NYC waitlist <<<<<<<

Private 1-on-1 VIP Weekend w/ Courtney and Dominique (only 2 spots available in each city):

  • Attend the regular Your Wealthy Year Workshop, Private Mentorship Dinner, AND:
  • Spend the entire day with me & Dominique at the ultra luxe hotel hashing out a “Bounce in 12 months or less” plan for your unique financial situation and business (Sat, June 11 in Atlanta and Sat, June 18 in DC)
  • Receive direct, 1-on-1, financial planning and coaching from Dominique
  • Receive direct, 1-on1 business coaching and actually setup the revenue-generating systems you need to for your business on-site with Courtney
  • Receive an additional month of follow-up support + two (2) Skype coaching calls from both me and Dominique
  • Enjoy delicious lunch and a luxury environment as we work to take your business to the next level!

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