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master emotions part 2

This is a 2-part post on mastering your emotions. To read part 1, click here.

In my last post, I gave you the “why” behind mastering your emotions. As promised, today in this podcast I’m giving you the how.

The 7 steps I outline for mastering your emotions may seem simple on the surface, but if you take them seriously and actually DO them, I’m telling you, you will change your life. Listen below and find out for yourself!

(Did you know you can listen to this podcast on your phone? Whether you have an Apple or Android, just go into the app store and download the Soundcloud app. Search “thinkandgrowchick” and follow me, then my latest podcast will automatically show up on your timeline!)

Podcast Summary

A summary won’t do this one justice because there’s just so much in this episode. The steps I describe are below but trust me on this one, listen to the podcast to get the full depth.

7 Practical Steps to Master Your Emotions:

  1. Pray (This step is NOT a trite “oh, just pray about it because I don’t know what else to tell you” recommendation. Listen to the podcast to see exactly what I mean and to try it out for yourself.)
  2. Journal (In the podcast, I explain that I journal in a very specific way that helps me master my emotions…)
  3. Talk to Yourself (Sounds crazy but if you listen to the podcast, you’ll see what I mean…)
  4. Do it Anyway (Feeling Follows Action)
  5. Retrain Your Gut
  6. Commit to the Long Haul
  7. Operate From Your Future Self

Listen to the podcast! 🙂

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P.S. – This is slightly unrelated (just slightly 😉 ) but this weekend, I’m hosting a live class called Unblock Your Brand. If part of the reason you want to master you emotions is to get more consistent so you can grow your blog or brand, you MUST register for this class.

This Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 8pm EST, I’ll be sharing all the strategies I’ve been using this year to “get over the hump”, earn a profit from Think & Grow Chick and really grow my brand. If you’ve been on any of my webinars, you know they’re a lot of fun and I always share a ton of information. You can register by clicking here.