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Hello, Think and Grow chicks and Think and Grow bros!

This blog post edition is super special! Special not just because of the person that I have with me today, but because I’m doing an interview and it’s been a long time since I had someone to interview and I figured you are tired of me ranting and raving by myself.

I am super excited to interview Regina from with me today. She truly needs no introduction. She is an amazing content creator, online entrepreneur, and all around awesome chick. Regina is everybody’s online buddy and mentor. What makes her truly special to me is that she is the first coach I ever hired. When I hired Regina,  I wasn’t even sure what this “online business” stuff was all about, but I was so enamored with her personality, her writing, and content quality. From my perspective everything she touched was top-notch. I knew that if there was anybody I would want to take my first leap with in order to get some information and some mentorship, it was definitely Regina.

For the full audio from our personal interview, please check out the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Notes from the Podcast:


What is it that you do? Can you explain in your own words how you got started?

What I do right now is I have an education and training company online that really works with people who want to take publishing into their own hands, create teaching materials, books, and etc. I refer to them as information products or maybe “infopreneurs”.

There’s too many businesses to tell, but one of the primary things that I did was I got started with a cleaning business in real life, and realized that I loved running a business, but not so much cleaning other people’s homes and offices.  I switched to something I liked a little bit more, which was freelance writing. Then to something I liked a little bit more than that and more fitting, like freelance graphic design. It all just transitioned into doing business online and then helping other people do business online.


You’re really seen as the expert in the space, of not only crafting a successful business online, but doing it in a really high integrity, amazing way, what would you say to those who want to get started, but they’re not sure how? What’s the first step that they should take?

To be honest, this may not be the answer one might be expected, but for me, the most important thing that you can do when you’re first starting, and at every single stage, is learning how to ask the right questions. Basically, when you’re first starting, your questions might be related to why you want to do what you want to do and if the idea that you are being presented with make the most sense for who you are as a person, for your own morals,  values, and for the life model that you are trying to set up.

Even for those who may have been doing this for years, questions are still the most important thing.  If you are not questioning the information that’s coming at you, or what motive is behind your decisions, you’re going to be off track. We all experience this in other areas of life, but it’s the same with business.


How did you sort through all of the noise online that says success looks one way, and find a way to be successful in a way that fits you?

One of those things is feelings. It’s just based on your emotions. Apparently I’m emotional, and I realized that this is something that I use in business and that is not necessarily taught in business school. In fact, if one of my business school professors ever listens to this, they’re going to disown me, but one thing that really helped was making decisions based on how they felt.Planning out the decision in your mind, and understanding how you feel right now when you’re making it, but also trying to see what the outcome of that decision would be, and you feel with that outcome, because the outcome may be money.  It could be anything, but then you also have to consider the other things that come along with it.

So, for me just cutting through the “noise” was really about understanding. it’s really a lot of making decisions based on how you want to feel. For me, I know I want to feel like I did right by people, and I showed them something ethical. In business, I am showing them the way I feel and how I want to conduct my life.


How did you move past that voice in the back of your head that was like, “Yeah that’s all cute, but it won’t work?

I’m a highly competitive person and I love to be challenged.  I literally almost flunked out of high school my senior year because nothing was challenging and I didn’t care for it. If I’m not challenged, forget it. So for me, what I had to do was reframe the challenge.

It’s 2017 and we all have access to the internet and a million different ways to make money, online and offline. So the question is not whether you can make money or not.  But the challenge to oneself is how to do this. You are challenging yourself to a much higher degree and probably higher than those who just copy the patterns they’ve seen before them.  You’re not making it easier on yourself, but you get the space to be more creative. A viable thing to go after is how you can make it in such a way that you’re driven, then figure out how to impact lives and make an income for yourself and your family without being too hard on yourself and them.


In terms of really infusing your business with “you”, and your kind of sense of humor, was infusing yourself in your brand something that you had to work to do?

I think it is about really being honestly confident enough to include “you” in your work. You probably have such desire to help people, but you wonder how you can put your personality into the equation.

In highschool, when everyone had to sit at lunch tables, everyone had to sit at a lunch table. Everyone actually does have a lunch table if you look hard enough and long enough. If you don’t include your personality in your brand, people are going to have a hard time knowing or recognizing that it’s the lunch table they want to sit at. It can be a problem because people would then be wandering around aimlessly and not connecting with the person or brand that can take them further in their goals.

I would recommend that people find whatever kind of content they enjoy creating. Create from who you are, and from what you want to share with people. Get in the practice of trying to tell a small story each time, or putting in references to the shows you watch, or the music you listen to, and just seeing how it plays out. If no one gets it, make a joke about how no one gets it. But you have to practice, that kind of communication where you haven’t removed yourself for the benefit of helping people because that doesn’t actually always help people to remove yourself.


How did you become “ Regina”? How did you get your uniqueness to stand out from everyone else, and get so many “followers”?

I think that focus is the answer in general. I’m sure there are other answers, but this is the one that I found to be easiest, or most purposeful. Even when I’ve built other brands since, focusing on one primary way of connecting with people has been the most helpful thing.

But there is probably a time where one platform took the lead, just because you were standing out most. For some people, it might be something as simple as Pinterest. They just spend the most time making the best looking images to go with each podcast episode, or each show that they release, or each blog post. Eventually what’s going to happen is their email list builds up because of that.

Focus on one platform. If it’s Instagram, let it be Instagram. If you really love your blog, let it be your blog, Pinterest, or whatever, that to me was the biggest thing. Find the best platform for that, that your audience is obviously in as well.


For those who have stars in their eyes, and dreams of five figure months with their business one day, as a successful entrepreneur, can you talk about what that process actually looks like? Things that people might not be considering, when they just focusing on the numbers.

I honestly think that people really, all of us, 100% wherever you’re at, have to understand what our business model, and specifically what our product model for our business is. Because what happens is, you have people who try a number of different things, but they usually only become most successful in one model or another.

These different business models, the way you build it, what you promise to people, the customer service you want to provide, and the decisions you make, are going to be so different. I would really encourage people to not have picked one model, and then be trying the marketing methods of a completely different model, then wondering why they’re not having the same results. Either of these models can work.

There are many ways to get to where you’re going, but based on your income goals, make sure your income goals match the time you have available to create.


What are your best tips for just managing everything, and just keeping everything afloat?

The number one I think is assessing your season.

Everyone would do best to assess the season they’re in. This is something that took me a long time to realize because I came from the corporate world, where you work between nine and five. Sometimes you’re in a more creative content kind of season. Sometimes you maybe more in a season of figuring it out or organizing your life.

Number two is assessing if you really have to work the way you think you have to and if you are working most effectively during those hours.

Third, you have to balance sacrifice with self-care and not drive yourself to an unhealthy place.

Honor the season, and don’t work the way you think you have to work. If you can wake up early and do it, do it. If you have to maybe batch your stuff, and for two hours of the day, all you’re doing is graphics to promote some stuff, then do that. If you need to switch in between tasks, as long as you’re fully focused on quality, each time you’re focused on a specific task.


With that, in closing, if you want to let everybody know what your current projects are, something that you’re really excited about that you want everybody to check out, any final parting words?

I don’t really sell anything obvious from my website. You would have to poke around, or probably be a part of my email list, or my free Facebook group to ever be pitched something. So if you go to the website, there are tons of free workshops and blog posts that you can get into about self-publishing, teaching online, and building a blog that gets noticed, etc. That would really be the only resource. If you guys want to follow me on Instagram, that’s highly appreciated as well, because I’m releasing this free internet show in Instagram Stories behind the scenes, working with some of my clients, and showing the transformation in their business. So I am @byReginaTV on Instagram, and pretty much on every platform ever.