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Hello there, Think and Grow Chicks!

I am excited to be conducting yet another podcast interview on this week’s blog post. This is the second interview for the mentorship series I am featuring where I show you behind the scenes people who have helped Think and Grow Chick get to where it is today. Think and Grow Chick is definitely a team effort. This week, we get to hang out with the amazing, Jullien Gordon.

A lot of you may not know him, but I invite you a big opportunity to get to know one of the people who has helped this community grow to where we are now. So who is Jullien Gordon, you ask?

Jullien Gordon is brilliant! He’s been in the online space for a little while now serving as a speaker, mentor, author, and coach. He is brilliant with his visit strategy and has helped several entrepreneurs with not only getting their businesses together, but he focuses on helping entrepreneurs do so in a way so that they have more time for doing the things they love with family and friends.That’s one that I truly love about Jullien.

Julien is a family man. He prides himself on being a good husband and father. He has been married to his beautiful wife for four years and together they have a three-year-old daughter. Originally from Oakland, California, he now lives in Brooklyn, New York. He completed his undergrad at UCLA, worked for two years for a non-profit and later went to Stanford for business school.

After working for MLT for a year and a half, he felt he was being pulled towards his purpose. He  started doing workshops in his living room in Brooklyn and that unfolded into speaking, coaching, online courses, books, and now he actually runs, which is the training ground technology for so many people. Through, coaches build a sustainable business model that impacts and allows coaches touch more lives, and help them escape the one-on-one business model and the one-and-done business model that typical coaches engage in.


For the full audio from our personal interview, please check out the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Notes from the Podcast:

So here is what Jullien and I talked about in the Podcast.

Julien’s advice joining a new mastermind:

  • Join masterminds to accelerate your process. There’s a lot of vague ideas about masterminds, but there’s a some criteria that helps define it:
  1. You meet as a group consistently.
  2. There is a space for laser coaching where the collective community actually holds interactive time where they can go through a struggle and be coached and reach a breakthrough;
  3. Despite natural limiting beliefs and doubts about yourself, a mastermind  will create an environment where the people around you want what you want for yourself, and believe for you even when you don’t believe in yourself.


  • You don’t have to wait for a savior, but just by having the right “Morpheus” and the right squad around you, you can be “Neo”. You can evolve into the person that you ultimately want to be.


  • Don’t define success in comparison to somebody else. Success is how many other people you make successful, so you want people to rise with you.


  • The most powerful three words in English is not “I love you”, but “I don’t know”. When you approach anything that you’re doing from a space of , “I don’t know”, it opens you to actually hear and listen what’s out there, rather than moving through the world pretending to know everything and have everything figured out. All the world’s greatest discoveries have come from that question and that statement that comes from a place of deep curiosity and then develops into actually seeking. There are people who use “I don’t know” as a scapegoat to get away from their power and their purpose. Other people use “I don’t know” as the beginning of a journey to go forward.


On mentorship…


  • You should never look for a mentor and ask them to mentor you. Mentors typically find you. Mentors are like investors who have extra money and they’re looking for a vehicle to invest in. Whether it’s an up and coming business or piece of real estate. They’re looking for something that if they place their resources in, they’re going to get a return on their investment, and so you have to be the same way.


You never want to approach mentors from a place of desperation almost like a charity. People give to charity, but they typically don’t invest in them.

The biggest thing, people say, “Oh, I’m busy. I don’t have time. A mentor compresses

time for you, literally. It’s the most valuable thing you could ever have in your

entire life. Mentoring is really about time compression. They help you get to the milestones and goals than you would have gotten on your own because they will direct you.

Stepping into the mastermind that Jullien was paying high 4 figures for, yes, he was the only black person in the room, the only black male, and the youngest in the room. So he was  surrounded by people who were 10, 20 years older than him who own businesses. He had to convince them to let him in because his revenues were actually the lowest in the room, but guess what happens when you are surrounded by multi millionaires and people who have 20, 10, or even 5 years’ more experienced than you in doing this? You get to ingest all of that wisdom and knowledge, which only accelerates your process.

Julien and I discussed that there are three types of mentors or coaches:

  1. The Vet


The vet is somebody who has been there, done that. You find ways to access them and they’re likely going to require a pretty penny because they actually know the exact blueprint that you need and they’re likely going to be light years ahead of you in reality. When you start following them and learning from them, it’s basically just, “Do what I say. Do exactly what I did and this is going to get you the result that you desire.”


     (2) The Yeast

This type of mentor is often overlooked. When you think about yeast, it is an ingredient that when added to a particular set of things, actually causes that thing to expand. Jullien came in actually as yeast and with one ingredient which was the mastermind business model, I was able to help your business expand, right? I think a lot of people overlook the yeast as potential mentors because they think, “Oh, I’ll just go on YouTube. I’ll go read some blogs about how to start a mastermind.”


 (3) The Learner


The last type of mentor, the learner is simply someone who says, “Look, I don’t claim to be ahead of you. I don’t claim to be an expert or anything, but I’m willing to go out there and experiment, and whatever I learn from these experiments that I do, I’m going to bring that information back to you.” Now that’s likely not somebody that you’re going to pay.


In the context of the yeast and the vet, those are the two types of mentors that you should look for in a mentor. Somebody who is exactly what I want to be, so I can learn their exact blueprint, or somebody who has an ingredient that can add to what I have that’s going to cause it to expand.


As a mentor himself, Jullien’s advice is to go create a success story and document it. It only takes one success story to build an online business. You’ll have the type of confidence you need to sell and win!