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Unlock your potential. "Think & Grow" into your purpose.


Unlock your potential. "Think & Grow" into your purpose.


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My latest books:

Have only a vague idea of what you want to do with your life? OR…you have a strong vision for you’re life but you have NO idea how to get there. If you’re tired of going around in circles with your goals and you want a crystal-clear roadmap to achieve your wildest dreams, this is the book for you. Based on Courtney’s personal process for transforming her own life, there’s no goal this book can’t help you achieve!

In this workbook, you will learn:

  • How to identify what YOU want over what friends, family, and even strangers want for you.
  • How to turn what frustrates you into fuel for your your dreams
  • How to craft long- and short-term visions for every area of your life
  • How to break your goals down into manageable chunks
  • How to create an action plan that ensures you do the *right* things everyday

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One of the quotes that I didn’t even realize would become a quote was “I’m not a blogger – I’m a business woman who blogs.” I first shared that quote during one of my webinars, as that mindset shift was the turning point for me in terms of growing my blog and taking my brand to the next level. Once I realized that I needed to “stop being a blogger” and become a business woman, I stopped focusing exclusively on “blogging tactics” and thought more globally and holistically about what I was building online. The moment I began fashioning myself as a business woman, that’s when things started to really take-off for me…

This book will be coming soon to Kindle ebooks!

Girl!  Can I just say, your book is AMAZING! I literally hear your voice throughout this entire piece. I’m currently reviving my company Lavender Ink Creative and I consider your workbook a priority piece in my arsenal of redevelopment tools. I’ve actually started recommending your podcast and this book a great starting point to just get their ideas on paper.
Diana W.