Curly Hair How-to | The Simplest Natural Hair Regimen Yet

Last year I got to a point where I was utterly fed up with my natural hair. Like, completely fed up. I was spending hours detangling, hours washing and conditioning, and hours styling my hair — something had to give.

In fact, the whole thing had to give which is why I decided completely give up on my natural hair regimen and start from scratch. After much experimentation, I think I’ve finally landed on a much simpler regimen that works for me!

The Products



What I love about my new regimen is that it doesn’t require much. My basic products and tools consist of:

  • A spray bottle full of water (detangling)
  • Coconut oil (not pictured, detangling)
  • Rake wide-tooth comb (detangling)
  • “Denman” brush (for curl smoothing)
  • Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo
  • Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner (for pretty much everything…it’s my new holy grail!)
  • Shea Butter (for sealing and a little hold)
  • Olive Oil (for the occasional hot oil treatment)
  • Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner (not pictured, for the occasional deep condition)

The Steps


First, I detangle my hair using the quick(er) method I stumbled upon recently. If my hair needs some extra TLC, I’ll then do either a hot oil treatment with olive oil or a deep condition with the Aubrey Organics conditioner, on my dry, freshly detangled hair. I just plop the treatment right on the twist as I leave the twists in during the wash and conditioning phase.


After letting the treatment sit in my hair while I do something else (like sleep!), I’ll then clean my hair before styling it. My process for washing and conditioning (with my hair twisted in 8 fat twists the entire time) is:

  1. I shampoo the deep condition or hot oil treatment out using a gentle shampoo, like Kinky Curly Come Clean. I only use a nickel-sized drop on my hair and I only shampoo one time. Next, I’ll…
  2. Start co-washing my hair with the Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture conditioner. I just co-wash my hair vigorously with the fat twists still in my hair. I’ll rinse it out and co-wash again until I feel my hair is clean. Next, I’ll…
  3. Add gobs and gobs of conditioner to each twist then get out the shower. I add a ton of conditioner because I like to leave it in and use it as my styling product, a la the Tightly Curly Method.


Now that my hair is drenched in Tresemme conditioner, I take each twist down one at a time and carefully define clumps of curls.

2014-01-05 15.19.45-1

I define my curls by taking down the twist and brushing through each half of the twist with my Denman-style brush.


Next, I take that same section, after its been brushed, and rake my fingers through it to create naturally separating “clumps” of curls.


I’ll then further define each clumped group by smoothing and raking it with my fingers. It sounds like a lot but it doesn’t take long at all. Each twist only takes me a few minutes to brush and define the curls.


This is a completed section after I took one of the twists down and defined it as described above.


And this is my whole head after I’m done. It’s still loaded with conditioner and sopping wet here. As you can see, I always throw some small twists in the front for extra definition when it dries, since the very front of my hair does not clump well on its own for some reason. (It just never has, even when I first went natural.)


After my hair has air-dried about 60% (this is easily accomplished just by hanging around the house for about an hour), I put it up in a super high, 80′s style ponytail (a “pineapple“) with a super loose scrunchie. I then let it finish air-drying. I also sleep with it in a high “pineapple” like this.

The Finished Look


And ta-da! This is what it looks like after it’s dried completely and I fluff it out a little. It’s not quite a wash-n-go because it takes a little coaxing, but it’s still a waaaaay easier setup than what I was doing before. The whole process only takes me about me about an hour, not including deep conditioning and drying time.

Best of all, this wash-n-sorta-go will last an entire week if I make sure to “pineapple” it every night. All I’ll I do is mist it with my  water spray bottle and add a little oil to the ends.


This regimen is really simple, I promise. Here are some other naturals whose regimens are very similar:

Youtuber SimplyBiancaAlexa’s “Wash n Go” Video

Dawn from Minimalist Beauty (check out my interview about simplicity with Dawn here)

Teri with the Tightly Curly Method


So what do you think? Is this something you will try? What does your current regimen look like?

  • Joy

    Recently discovered Tresemme Naturals moisture nourishing conditioner and was blown away! Detangling went so smoothly i couldn’t believe it and i used it as a leave in and got a great braidout. I”ll try finger detangling only from now on since it works so wonderfully. I would have never thought of finger detangling before this conditioner.

  • Tonya Rapley

    Great results! I’ve come to accept my twist outs wont look like that, lol but! I am a fan of minimal products. I used Tresume a lot early on in my journey and did see a lot of growth with it. This post has me considering revisiting that product..after I finish mall of my current product of course :)

  • Miss Daja

    Managing natural hair can definitely be frustrating at times. I’m still not 100% comfortable with the way I handle it so I’m steady researching and practicing things that work. I’m not 100% natural but I’m natural 80% of the time. If that makes sense. Basically I straighten, color, weave whenever I feel like it but definitely only occasionally. Thank you for your tips. I’m going to take this post into consideration.


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