2013 Goal Setting (Pt. 2): The Thought Process


My Vision Board for 2013

***This is a part of a series. Be sure to visit Part 1 & Part 3***

The Thought Process…

So when I went home on New Year’s day after visiting with my boyfriend’s family, I sat down and literally asked myself, “Courtney, what exactly is it that you want to commit to?”
Honestly, that took a few days to answer. It wasn’t because I didn’t already have goals in mind (I ALWAYS have goals in mind) but I didn’t want to fall into the trap of setting arbitrary goals that I wouldn’t end up accomplishing.
For example, I thought of the ridiculous goal I set a while one year during college to make $2,350 per month. I laugh even now when I read that because the only reason I set that goal was because I hated my job and I desperately want to magically start a business that would allow me to make that kind of money without having to work restaurant hours. I’m not saying the goal was impossible, but given where I was in life at the time and the resources I had available to me, let’s just say it wasn’t feasible. More importantly, it was a random number I pulled out of the sky that had no basis in anything I was ultimately trying to do. Needless to say, the following year I did not accomplish that goal.
So when sitting down thinking about meaningful things to commit to for 2013, I was reminded of a blog post and e-book I read a while ago by publishing industry executive, Michael Hyatt. Basically, the post and e-book is about a “Life Plan” concept he follows to make sure that every year, he does the things that point to who he wants to be as a person. Basically, he advises that you let who you want to be dictate the goals you need to accomplish, not the other way around.
“Great!” I thought. “I’m now committing only to goals that reflect who I want to be as a person…but who/what do I want to be?”

My “To Be” Goals

After much pondering, I’ve decided that in the relatively near future I want (hope) to be:

  1. A Financially Organized Young Woman.
    I’ve come a long way since I paid off my credit card debt while learning how to budget and save, but I still have a ways to go. It is a wonderful thing to be working with a real salary now that I’ve graduated college, but having more money has caused me to get a little soft on my financial goals. I still save and pay my credit card off every month, but I have not been diligent about (1) budgeting on a regular basis and (2) aggressively paying off my smaller student loan debts. If I could accomplish those two things while maintaining my regular savings, I would feel more “organized” and in control of my finances.
  2. A Successful Blogger!
    My dream since day one has been to grow Think & Grow Chick to its highest heights. I think this blog has a ton of potential that I have not even really attempted to cultivate. I see this blog growing into a wonderful online and offline resource for young women, I just have to commit (there’s that word again) to putting in the time and effort to make that happen.
  3. A Public Speaker.
    If there’s one talent I have that gets commented on the most, its my comfort and ability to speak in public. I have a real knack for public speaking and I enjoy it which is why lately, I’ve started researching what it takes to make public speaking a career. In my perfect world, Think & Grow Chick would be my full-time business and I would travel the world speaking to various audiences about the topics I share with you all here. :-)
  4. A Really Healthy Eater.
    Confession: I secretly want to be one of those “granola” types. You know, the kind that does “cleanses” and detoxes several times a year, has a juicer and takes weird-sounding supplements (probiotics?). In my perfect world (you know, the one I mentioned last paragraph where I’m touring the world as a public speaker) I would eat a healthy diet of mostly vegetables with the occasional organic, unprocessed, grass-fed meat. I don’t think I could ever be a full-out vegetarian (I’d miss lamb chops too much) but I do want to up my fresh vegetable intake significantly for greater general health. And because I want to look like this lady when I grow up…
  5. Lean(er).
    Ok, this is pure vanity. I already workout regularly but I want to kick my routine into “high gear” so that I can get a little leaner and show off all my hard-earned muscle definition! Having visible abs would be nice too…
  6. That Girl with Waist-Length Natural Hair. (Ha!)
    This is a long standing goal of mine ever since I got serious about taking care of my natural hair. I have since attained bra-strap length (BSL) but have fallen off a regular regimen. In my perfect world I’d be a Lean, Ultra-Toned, Semi-Vegetarian, Public-Speaking Successful Blogger…with really long hair. ;-)
  7. A Great Sibling/Friend/Girlfriend.
    Not that I’m a bad sibling, friend or girlfriend, but I know that many times I can let my busy schedule (and general Type-A personality) get in the way of just enjoying the company of the people I care about the most. I want to make a concerted effort to call my brothers and sisters more often, as well as check in with my close friends who live out-of-state. As for being a great girlfriend, I owe a great deal to my wonderful boyfriend, as he quit his job in DC, found a new job, and moved to a new apartment in Dallas just so he could be close to me. There are many days that I rush through without appreciating his sacrifice, so I want to make time just for him more often.
  8. An Artist.
    Not sure if I have mentioned thins before on the blog, but I can paint and draw. (Below is a painting I did sophomore year.)painting-by-thinkandgrowchickI used to do draw and paint a lot during my freshman and sophomore years of college, but I literally have not picked up a sketch pad or paint brush since then. Focusing on fixing my life and getting through school sucked the creative life out of me but I my goal is to get it back!
  9. Well-versed.
    My thirst to be more versed in a variety of topics was quenched during the elections. Since reporting has gotten so partisan and agenda driven (on both sides!) concerning government and politics, I vowed to myself that I would go back to the basics and read books on U.S. history, government and politics in order to better understand how things work. This vow opened a can of worms, as I quickly realized that in order to brush up on U.S. history, I’d need to learn about world history, and in order to learn about world history, I’d need a refresher course in economics…and so on. My goal is to read at least two book per month about a variety of topics that will broaden my understanding and skill set.
  10. Walking in my God-given purpose.
    This is HUGE for me. Ever since I came to Christ, I have been fascinated by Christians who you can just tell really seek after God and are doing amazing things with their talents for His glory. Some Christians I follow who really inspire me in this regard are Lecrae, Heather Lindsey, Ravi Zacharias, and Sunshine Abuwi. I can’t really put a timeline on this because this is on-going, but I am actively working to grow in my faith and relationship with God and I want to at least start doing something with all the creativity, talent and boldness I know I have inside of me towards God’s purposes and not just my own.


Who or what do you want to be? How does your future vision of yourself influence the goals you set? Visit Part 3 where I outline my “plan of attack” for 2013.

  • http://theSassyFitMom.com Mandi

    I like your list– I have some of the same goals as yourself. My siblings and I had a day out on last Saturday to tour a local brewery.. My sis and I don’t like beer but our brothers liked it. We really had a great time even though beer is not our beverage of choice. .Also I’m not an artist but I truly appreciate some good art pieces.. I want to take an art class this year.. either painting or drawing.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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  • Tay

    I’m so happy that i stumbled onto your blog. I am going to implement this process in writing out my goals and creating a plan in order to execute them. Thanks for the great idea! BTW, i really like your blog :)